For any non-profit, there’s more at stake than driving revenue. For a non-profit in the food and beverage industry, you’re balancing a unique mission with widescale consumer expectations in a fast-paced, demanding industry. You need senior- to executive-level candidates who inherently understand the intricacies of your operational needs and can balance the visionary leadership that drives growth. Wolf Search Solutions activates the tipping point for success by purposely matching the timing of a client’s life cycle with a candidate’s career cycle. We leverage our vast experience in the food and beverage industry to help nonprofits find the Optimal Fit.

Wolf Search Solutions has a proven track record of placing game-changing talent across a broad range of food and beverage company types and at varying stages of the business life cycle. We’ve worked with non-profits that need the guidance and expertise of seasoned, mission-driven professionals. Wolf has the necessary expertise in placing pivotal leadership to drive next-generation growth while embracing an organization’s inherent culture.

Wolf has been building and nurturing our extensive network for more than 30 years. We have a discerning eye for the unique leaders who have the stamina required to thrive in fast-paced environments where accountability, execution, and delivery are paramount. Wolf identifies leaders who lean into ambiguity, have a passion for building, and possess highly developed strategic and execution agility. Intuitively, we know how to deliver the unique few who simplify the complex and drive results, even when the roadmap isn’t clearly laid out.

"Finding the right talent for your organization today requires a combination of experience, keen insight, and commitment. The Wolf Search Solutions team is at the top of their game and will help you find that rock star you seek. They maintain a very high level of integrity during the process to protect you and your business. Raise your chances for success by adding Lisa and her squad to your team!"

Larry Oberkfell

Former CEO
International Foodservice Manufacturers Association

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