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When it comes to executive search for the food and beverage industry, we know that every search is mission critical. We are plugged in to what makes a great candidate across every functional role of your food and beverage organization, because food and beverage is all we do. We qualify Marketing & Innovation executive search candidates for growth agility and cross-functional compatibility, taking a holistic view of your organization’s needs for growth and leadership. Our Optimal Fit approach ensures the right match the first time for your marketing and innovation function executive search.

Consumers have access to more information than ever before, and some may even be on information overload to the point of being adverse to mundane marketing messages. To effectively communicate the mission and value proposition of a food and beverage brand, companies need agile marketing leaders who understand effective brand building and how and where to meet today’s consumers and customers. Senior and executive level candidates must be fluid in digital marketing and social media strategies, experienced in reinvigorating legacy brands, managing new brands and portfolios, implementing the 5 P’s (product, price, placement, promotion and people), analytical in data-driven approaches, and innovative in their implementation of actionable insights. Product innovation, pipeline development, and launching new brands are all essential skills in these candidates' tool kits. It also takes candidates with high EQ and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion to effectively convey core brand messaging to various consumer demographics.

Today’s growth-oriented food and beverage companies need strong leaders with the growth agility to embrace change and recognize opportunity in times of disruption. The Wolf Search Optimal Fit advantage digs deep past the core competencies of the Marketing & Innovation role and delves into the intangibles that distinguish top talent in the food and beverage industry. Let us help you find the leaders who are ready to make the difference for your operations.

Wolf Search Solutions has a proven track record of placing game-changing talent across a broad range of food and beverage company types and at varying stages of the business life cycle. We have the necessary expertise in placing pivotal leadership who can drive next-generation growth while embracing your organization’s inherent culture.

Wolf has been building and nurturing our extensive network for more than 30 years. We have a discerning eye for the unique leaders who have the stamina required to thrive in fast-paced environments where accountability, execution, and delivery are paramount. Wolf identifies leaders who lean into ambiguity, have a passion for building and possess highly developed strategic and execution agility. Intuitively, we know how to deliver the unique few who simplify the complex and drive results, even when the roadmap isn’t clearly laid out.

"The Wolf Search Solutions team is passionate and incredibly dedicated. They worked collaboratively to build an entirely new department by assisting in the creation of and structure for our new team. Having previously worked with the Wolf team, I had 100% confidence that they would get it done right the first time."

Luis Andrade

Executive Vice President
Ventura Foods

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