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We bring 30 years of food industry recruiting experience, passion and results to our clients and candidates. We are masters at solving high stakes hiring challenges and establishing meaningful relationships along the way. At Wolf, every search is unique and deserves a mission-critical approach. No guess work or stacking the deck. Just pure results. It’s imperative to get it right the first time.

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The Optimal Fit Advantage

To find the best, you have to find out what ‘best’ means. Filling a senior- to executive-level role in the food and beverage industry goes beyond the details of a resume. Wolf does a pre-search discovery to understand your needs from every angle and uses that intel to create the most thorough opportunity and candidate profiles in the industry.

We pre-qualify talent beyond surface-level experience and technical capabilities to find the leader with the most relevant core competencies, the right leadership capacity, who is aligned on motivation, and offers a tight cultural fit.

Assessing these intangibles are the key that unlocks the full power of the Wolf Search Optimal Fit Advantage, and its the formula we use to find leaders who will not only perform but ultimately thrive in your organization.

Our proprietary Optimal Fit Candidate recruiting process is the key to delivering on our promises — a concise candidate slate, a faster placement and onboarding, and sustainable results that speak for themselves. No one works harder to understand your organization’s placement needs, and no one gets food and beverage the way we do. Reach out today to find out what an Optimal Fit candidate could do for your organization.

Optimal Fit
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Masters of Efficiency & Diversity


Average search cycle time of 65 days


Average candidate slate introduction in 27 days


Average candidate introduction to hire ratio


Average diversity candidate slate delivery

Focused on Senior and Executive Level Search

We balance strategy and discipline with a hands-on approach for a real recruiting methodology. Wolf has invested decades of building and nurturing today's food and beverage executives. We've built deep rooted relationships and actively engaged at industry conferences, executive forums and professional organizations.

We are laser-focused on senior and executive roles, and we know the challenges and critical nature of bringing on new leaders at President and C-Suite level or even functional leaders. We are adept at placing singular leader roles or building entire teams.

We thrive under pressure. We relentlessly pursue our mission to determine the key differentiators that drive sustainable ROI for all stakeholders. Our Optimal Fit Candidate will deliver immediate impact, elevate your culture and thrive in your organization.

Real Recruiting, Real Results.

Conventional recruiting models have evolved to a heavy reliance on recycling from a stable of candidates and using impersonal technology resulting in a lack of actual recruiting. At Wolf, we are proud to be called 'headhunters.'

In too many instances, these conventional recruiting models produce long candidate lists and stacks of similarly polished resumes. This forces organizations to field exhaustive rounds of interviewing to narrow the field while key roles sit unfilled, increasing pressure and costs.

The Wolf Difference is the extra mile. We go deeper and faster. A shorter search matters, and it pays to get it right the first time. That's why Wolf puts in the legwork in rigorous vetting to align on every level and redefine recruiting.

Strategic recruiting is our core competency, and we are 100% focused on the food and beverage industry. We practice real recruiting, and we get real results for both candidates and clients on efficiency, accuracy, and ROI. Everything we do is mission critical, and we deliver unparalleled client and candidate care.

Company and Channel Expertise

Wolf has extensive experience recruiting for Publicly Traded Companies, Privately Owned, Start-Ups to Private Equity Owned and Non-Profits. Additionally, we bring decades of experience recruiting across a wide range of company life cycle stages from turn-around, transformation, emerging growth, start-up and matured. It is our versatility and agility that equips us with deep food industry insights into uncovering our clients' and candidates' unique needs and delivering optimal outcomes.

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Functional Expertise

We understand the nuances of functional expertise from sales, marketing, R&D, supply chain to finance and procurement. We qualify candidates for growth agility and cross-functional compatibility, taking a holistic view of your organization’s needs for growth and leadership.

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Points of Difference

The Wolf Difference sets us apart. Our Optimal Fit Process is proprietary, unique and provides a value-add to clients and candidates. Our clients trust the partnership and rely on our expertise as trusted advisors. We are obsessed with quality, diligence and service - all delivered with a refreshing level of candor and transparency. Our candidates trust our advocacy, coaching and genuine interest in their careers. Our adherence to our principles delivers a 'better than best' experience to all stakeholders. We are masters of efficiency because we pay attention to the things that really matter.

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Why Our Clients Keep Coming Back

Our clients get a world-class boutique firm experience with personalized client and candidate care. We are mission and service driven to find the 'better than best' with precision targeting, rigorous vetting, along with our valuable insights, intelligence and intuition to deliver the strongest all-around Optimal Fit Candidate. We get it right the first time.

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