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Chief Customer Officer:

Multi-Billion Publicly Traded Global Nutrition Company

The President of The Americas and HR team tapped the Wolf team to conduct a search for a newly created Chief Customer Officer role. This $1.1B company, still operating like a $100MM start-up, sought a unique executive to lead the aggressive transformation strategy and execution platform in preparation for near-term M&A and growth. The CCO was charged with deploying a one company, one voice, one team go to market operating model while integrating a new org design, integrating teams, and building, integrating and scaling the organization.

The challenges included identifying candidate who would thrive and optimize their leadership skills in a fast-moving company and culture shifting environment while driving growth in with under-indexed brands and company name recognition. A customized target candidate and market mapping strategy was launched with heavy emphasis on referral-based recruiting to attract big CPG branded professionals to lesser-known company with a sense of urgency. Extra care and time were spent assessing candidates for optimal fit criteria.

Company Life Stage – Large scale transformation. High growth, fast moving $1.1B company. Strong balance sheet and poised for explosive growth.

Situation- $1.1B company still behaving like a $100MM company. Execute on newly created go to market strategy, operating model and org design. Integrate, build, fortify and scale.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Culture and Environment - A fast-moving and evolving environment with an entrepreneurial start-up feel, but in reality, a billion-dollar operation in need of a CCO leader who possessed heightened levels of stamina and growth agility to execute an aggressive innovation and M&A strategy. Nine brands, nine customer teams and little synergy among — integrate and execute a one team, one customer model.
  • State of Transformation - Unprecedented new organizational design with 90% of the team entering new roles while preparing and fortifying the company for massive growth.
  • Under-Indexed Brand and Company Name Recognition - Several brands with high consumer awareness, yet majority of brands under-indexed in brand awareness. Corporate company name not widely recognized.

Optimal Fit Factors

  • Balance of advanced strategic acumen with boots on the ground high touch execution approach
  • Advanced emotional and cultural intelligence
  • Flexible, adaptable and resilient - energized by ambiguity and change
  • Visionary – inspirational, trusted and engaging leader
  • Driven to build capabilities, serve as a change agent, accelerate and optimize
  • Exceptional growth agility and future bench candidate for President level

The Approach

  • Set forth on a mission to identify, engage and secure candidates who brought the right technical, behavioral and leadership skills as well as right motivation for the opportunity beyond title and on-trend product category. Passion for the category was not enough to get a seat at this table. This was a true ‘build’ versus ‘manage’ situation and filtering for the right motivation required an expert approach to discern the ‘right’ candidates.
  • Recognized the challenge of attracting big CPG branded professionals to an unknown company name with a sense of urgency and required a heavily weighted referral-based approach and expert storytelling skills to further the network in identifying bullseye target candidates.
  • Devised a two-prong market outreach strategy incorporating a wide scale trusted network of sources methodology and casting a wider net to ensure all potential candidates were identified through a customized white space research model.

Search Cycle Statistics


Days from Search Initiation to Candidate Slate Intro


# of Candidates Presented


Days from Search Initiation to Candidate Acceptance


Diverse Candidates Presented

Subsequent Searches within 1 month of CCO onboarding

Vice President Sales, Walmart and Sam’s Club International

  • Search Initiation to Candidate Slate Intro – 14 days
  • Candidate Slate – 4 candidates
  • Search Initiation to Candidate Acceptance – 56 days
  • Diversity - 50% diverse candidates presented

Director Weight Management & Healthy Lifestyle, Walmart & Sam’s Club International

  • Search Initiation to Candidate Slate Intro - 14 days
  • # Candidates Presented - 4
  • Search Initiation to Candidate Acceptance - 54 days
  • Diversity - 50% diverse candidates presented

Director Performance Management, Walmart & Sam’s Club International

  • Placed candidate previously introduced for Vice President Sales, Walmart and Sam’s Club International

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